Welcome to my blog! Hi everyone!  This is the place where I post my latest weddings, shoots and travel details.  If you want to see what I am doing, this is the place to be.  
August 27, 2014
A peak at Toni and Andrew's awesome south shore wedding!

Venue: Indian Pond Country Club

ta  231598.jpg ta  231563.jpg ta  231564.jpg ta  231566.jpg ta  231565.jpg ta  231567.jpgta  231569.jpg ta  231570.jpg ta  231571.jpg ta  231572.jpg ta  231573.jpg ta  231574.jpg ta  231575.jpgta  231576.jpg ta  231577.jpg ta  231578.jpg ta  231579.jpg ta  231580.jpg ta  231581.jpg ta  231582.jpg ta  231583.jpg ta  231584.jpg ta  231585.jpg ta  231586.jpg ta  231587.jpg ta  231588.jpg ta  231589.jpgta  231590.jpg ta  231591.jpg ta  231592.jpg ta  231593.jpg ta  231594.jpg ta  231595.jpg ta  231596.jpg ta  231597.jpg ta  231599.jpg ta  231600.jpg ta  231601.jpg ta  231602.jpg ta  231603.jpg ta  231604.jpgta  231606.jpg ta  231607.jpg ta  231608.jpg ta  231609.jpg ta  231610.jpgta  231612.jpg ta  231613.jpg ta  231614.jpg ta  231615.jpg ta  231616.jpg ta  231617.jpg ta  231618.jpgta  231619.jpg ta  231620.jpg ta  231621.jpg ta  231622.jpg ta  231623.jpg ta  231624.jpg ta  231625.jpg ta  231626.jpg ta  231627.jpg ta  231628.jpg ta  231629.jpg ta  231630.jpg ta  231631.jpg ta  231632.jpgta  231633.jpg ta  231634.jpg ta  231635.jpg

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July 28, 2014
An epic wedding at Misselwood in Beverly. 

Seven years ago I shot Yoni's sister's wedding, now I have done his!  I'm getting old!

All film!

dd  225283.jpg dd  225284.jpg dd  225285.jpg dd  225286.jpg dd  225287.jpg dd  225289.jpg dd  225288.jpg dd  225290.jpg dd  225291.jpg dd  225292.jpg dd  225293.jpg dd  225294.jpg dd  225295.jpg dd  225296.jpgdd  225297.jpg dd  225298.jpg dd  225299.jpg dd  225300.jpg dd  225301.jpg dd  225302.jpg dd  225303.jpg dd  225305.jpg dd  225304.jpg dd  225306.jpg dd  225308.jpg dd  225309.jpg dd  225310.jpg dd  225311.jpgdd  225312.jpg dd  225313.jpg dd  225314.jpg dd  225315.jpg dd  225316.jpg dd  225317.jpg dd  225318.jpg dd  225319.jpg dd  225320.jpg dd  225321.jpg dd  225322.jpg dd  225323.jpg dd  225323.jpg dd  225324.jpgdd  225325.jpg dd  225326.jpg dd  225327.jpg dd  225328.jpg dd  225329.jpg dd  225330.jpg dd  225331.jpg dd  225332.jpg dd  225333.jpg dd  225334.jpg dd  225335.jpg dd  225336.jpg dd  225337.jpg dd  225338.jpgdd  225339.jpg dd  225340.jpg dd  225341.jpg dd  225342.jpg dd  225343.jpg dd  225344.jpg dd  225345.jpg dd  225346.jpg dd  225347.jpg dd  225348.jpg dd  225349.jpg dd  225350.jpg dd  225351.jpg dd  225352.jpgdd  225353.jpg dd  225354.jpg dd  225355.jpg dd  225356.jpg dd  225357.jpg dd  225358.jpg dd  225360.jpg dd  225361.jpg dd  225362.jpg dd  225363.jpg dd  225364.jpg dd  225365.jpg dd  225366.jpg dd  225367.jpgdd  225368.jpg dd  225369.jpg dd  225370.jpg dd  225371.jpg dd  225372.jpg dd  225373.jpg dd  225374.jpg dd  225375.jpg dd  225376.jpg dd  225377.jpg dd  225378.jpg dd  225379.jpg dd  225380.jpg

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Sarah and Steven held their awesome whimsical wedding in their back yard.  It was a cool summer day last week when the two tied the knot under some maple trees.  Pizza was served up by the flat bread pizza company and everyone had a their very own glass jug to drink from all night at the open bar.  

Also, there were three cool dogs running around and having a good time with all the human attendees, it was great wedding.

All 35mm and 120mm shot on my Nikon F3, N80, Yashica Electro GT, Mamiya 645 and Horizon Perfeckt.
ss  223850.jpg ss  223852.jpg ss  223853.jpg ss  223855.jpg ss  223854.jpg ss  223856.jpg ss  223858.jpg ss  223859.jpg ss  223860.jpg ss  223861.jpg ss  223862.jpg ss  223863.jpg ss  223864.jpg ss  223865.jpgss  223866.jpg ss  223867.jpg ss  223868.jpg ss  223869.jpg ss  223870.jpg ss  223871.jpg ss  223872.jpg ss  223873.jpg ss  223874.jpg ss  223875.jpg ss  223876.jpg ss  223877.jpg ss  223878.jpg ss  223879.jpgss  223880.jpg ss  223881.jpg ss  223882.jpg ss  223883.jpg ss  223884.jpg ss  223885.jpg ss  223886.jpg ss  223887.jpg ss  223888.jpg ss  223889.jpg ss  223890.jpg ss  223891.jpg ss  223892.jpg ss  223893.jpgss  223894.jpg ss  223895.jpg ss  223897.jpg ss  223896.jpg ss  223898.jpg ss  223899.jpg ss  223900.jpg ss  223901.jpg ss  223902.jpg ss  223903.jpg ss  223904.jpg ss  223905.jpg ss  223906.jpg ss  223907.jpgss  223908.jpg ss  223909.jpg ss  223910.jpg ss  223911.jpg ss  223913.jpg ss  223915.jpg ss  223916.jpg ss  223917.jpg ss  223918.jpg ss  223920.jpg ss  223921.jpg ss  223922.jpg ss  223924.jpg ss  223925.jpgss  223926.jpg ss  223927.jpg ss  223928.jpg ss  223929.jpg ss  223930.jpg ss  223931.jpg ss  223932.jpg ss  223933.jpg ss  223934.jpg ss  223935.jpg ss  223936.jpg ss  223937.jpg ss  223938.jpg ss  223939.jpgss  223941.jpg ss  223943.jpg ss  223944.jpg ss  223945.jpg ss  223946.jpg

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On June 7th, I had the opportunity to cover some amazing athletes and people at Jacksonville beach.  

Brooks Rehabilitation Hosted its 7th Annual Adaptive Surfing Day, where over 50 people with disabilities came to surf the waves and show the world and themselves what they can do.  These athletes were amazing, riding the waves and smiling.  I can't surf and I have no disabitleis and here were athletes without the use of their limbs, of all ages, surfing and hanging ten.

To support these athletes, over 250 volunteers were on hand to guide the surfers in the water and make sure things were in ship shape condition on the beach.  

"We've had tremendous support from the local surfing community and would especially like to thank the Life Rolls On Foundation for their training and expertise throughout the years," said Alice Krauss, Manager of the Brooks Rehabilitation Adaptive Sports and Recreation Program. 

The volunteers and the athletes themselves show me that their is hope and happiness available for anyone.  That this world is still a caring and loving place.

All images shot on my Nikon F3 camera with nikkor 85mm f1.4 and kodak portra 160 film.
17580014.jpg 17580006.jpg 17580008.jpg 17580010.jpg 17580018.jpg 17580016.jpg 17580022.jpg 17580028.jpg 17580031.jpg 17580032.jpg 17990002.jpg 17580036.jpg 17990003.jpg 17990006.jpg

There were several people that I would love to do a follow up story on and follow them in their life, here are a few people who played against the odds and road the waves:

Gage Burns, an 11 year old who suffered a spinal cord injury, comes from Hope, Arkansas each summer to stay with his grandparents just so he can participate in Brooks sports activities.

Stan Harris, a 50 year old high/middle school teacher in Clay County, participates in all he can but is limited by his Parkinson's and transportation issues.

Wes Johnson, who was paralyzed when he rolled his Jeep in 2011.  He is an active participant in the Brooks adaptive sports program, but this is his first time surfing.

Steve Kenny sustained a spinal cord injury 24 years ago while diving.  His first time back in the water was 4 years ago at this event.  He is the Reeve Foundation  Mentor Program  Regional Coordinator and was the one who encouraged Wes to join the adaptive sports program.  Steve is also the wheelchair rugby coach and participates in rowing and all of our special events. 

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June 11, 2014
An awesome wedding at the Indian Pond Country Club!

blb  223822.jpg blb  223794.jpg blb  223795.jpg blb  223796.jpg blb  223797.jpg blb  223798.jpg blb  223799.jpg blb  223800.jpg blb  223801.jpg blb  223802.jpg blb  223803.jpg blb  223804.jpg blb  223805.jpg blb  223806.jpgblb  223806.jpg blb  223807.jpg blb  223808.jpg blb  223809.jpg blb  223810.jpg blb  223811.jpg blb  223812.jpg blb  223813.jpg blb  223814.jpg blb  223815.jpg blb  223816.jpg blb  223817.jpg blb  223818.jpg blb  223819.jpgblb  223820.jpg blb  223821.jpg blb  223823.jpg blb  223824.jpg blb  223825.jpg blb  223826.jpg blb  223827.jpg blb  223828.jpg blb  223829.jpg blb  223830.jpg blb  223831.jpg blb  223832.jpg blb  223833.jpg blb  223834.jpgblb  223835.jpg blb  223839.jpg blb  223837.jpg blb  223838.jpg blb  223840.jpg blb  223841.jpg blb  223842.jpg blb  223843.jpg blb  223844.jpg blb  223845.jpg blb  223846.jpg blb  223847.jpg blb  223848.jpg blb  223849.jpg

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