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October 12, 2014
Jeanette and Jesse came to Boston with their friends and family from Miami to have a small and elegant wedding here.  They held a small and fantastic ceremony in Cambridge where Jeanette sang to Jesse as she walked down the isle with a saxophonist playing next to her.  Then it was off to Moo for a rooftop cocktail hour with a jazz trio and a steak dinner in the wine cellar.  

It was fantastic!

jj  235879.jpg jj  235841.jpg jj  235842.jpg jj  235843.jpg jj  235844.jpg jj  235845.jpg jj  235846.jpg jj  235847.jpg jj  235848.jpg jj  235850.jpg jj  235851.jpg jj  235852.jpg jj  235853.jpg jj  235854.jpgjj  235855.jpg jj  235856.jpg jj  235857.jpg jj  235858.jpg jj  235859.jpg jj  235860.jpg jj  235861.jpg jj  235862.jpg jj  235863.jpg jj  235864.jpg jj  235865.jpg jj  235866.jpg jj  235867.jpg jj  235868.jpgjj  235869.jpg jj  235870.jpg jj  235871.jpg jj  235872.jpg jj  235873.jpg jj  235874.jpg jj  235875.jpg jj  235876.jpg jj  235877.jpg jj  235878.jpg jj  235881.jpg jj  235883.jpg jj  235885.jpg jj  235888.jpgjj  235889.jpg jj  235890.jpg jj  235891.jpg jj  235893.jpg

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October 11, 2014
It was a cloudy and rainy day on Saturday Oct. 4 at Suffolk Downs for the last day of racing as the track is set to close.  Over 9,000 people flocked to the 79 year old track to watch the final nine races to be held there.  

The races of the day were muddy and fast, with die hard race fans and new ones here to send the track off in the best of way.  Bets were made, money was made and lost but people were smiling and not sad.  Many believe the track will be bought my someone new and re-open in the spring, but thats all up in the air right now with no definite sources. 

From the first race, "The Eddie Wrack" to the last race, "The Seabiscuit" it was a fun filled day with many tears shed.  People braved the rain to see the races.  The races of the day were all names after historical events and horses that have takes place at or raced at Suffolk Downs.  In between the live races, historical races and facts were being broadcast to the crowd.

With the call to post by bugler Rich Garrick, people swarmed the grounds to here that familiar sound of the gates opening at post time and the  sound of the horses feet as they gallop and pound the dirt.  When the jockeys exited the track they were covered in dirt.  Mud covered everywhere but where their goggles had shielded their eyes, but this is what they do and love.  

For some jockeys this is an end of an era.  Third generation racer Janelle Campbell of Revere has known racing all her life.  She and her aunt Tammi Piermarini, will be heading to a new track to race.   "I am always sad at the end of a meet, always sad the last day because I hate leaving home,  This is where my heart is, my family.  This is my house," said Campbell.  Piermarini compared the job of being a jockey to like that of being in a carnival, that they have to travel to work.   "This is my job and I except it as my life," said Piermarini.

The last race of the day, "The Seabiscuit", was won by Eighth Note Stable's Bo Badger ridden by Taylor Hole.  The five year old horse will be the last horse to win a race at Suffolk Downs.

_DSC4649 (1).jpg
Rich Garrick of the All-Star Buglers plays the call to post.
_DSC4405 (1).jpg
A better takes a look at the scratch board. 5
_DSC4509 (1).jpg _DSC4562 (1).jpg
A muddy Chelsey Keiser exits the track to be weighed in.
_DSC4571 (1).jpg
Most Jockeys, like Pierre Tomas, were happy to race but sad to see it end here at Suffolk Downs.
_DSC4590 (1).jpg
3rd Generation Suffolk Downs member Janelle Campell who has know hoarse racing her whole life starting with her grandfather believes racing will return to Suffolk Down but in the meantime will be heading to Tampa to race.  "I am always sad at the end of a meet, always sad the last day because I hate leaving home,  This is where my heart is, my family.  This is my house."

_DSC4681 (1).jpg _DSC4696 (1).jpg _DSC4724 (1).jpg
Jockey David Amiss was awarded the leading jockey award.  Amiss, a finalist in 2014 for the prestigious George Woolf Memorial Jockey Award, spent the season engaged with veteran rider Dyn Panell in the pursuit of the leading rider title. Amiss locked up the title in the second race with a victory aboard Justforgetaboutit ($13.00) and finished the season with 62 wins from 295 starts. He has won with 21% of his mounts for earnings of $622,548.  (from press release)
_DSC4731 (1).jpg
Chip Tuttle, the track's Chief Operating Officer was very somber on the closing day as he was interviewed by a number of reporters.
_DSC4751 (1).jpg _DSC4786 (1).jpg _DSC4802 (1).jpg_DSC4837 (1).jpg
Tammi Piermarini, who raced in five of the nine last races was very sad to see racing end here in Revere.  "this is my job and I except it as my life"   She will be moving to somewhere where she can ride.  "Its like living a life of a carnival"  "Now we're finished".
_DSC4850 (1).jpg _DSC4851 (1).jpg _DSC4892 (1).jpg _DSC4940 (1).jpg _DSC4984 (1).jpg _DSC5006 (1).jpg _DSC5042 (1).jpg _DSC5094 (1).jpg
As the day went on the track became muddier and muddier, but that didn't stop the horses from running and doing what they love.  Here is a shot from the 7th race of the day, "The Skip Away".
_DSC5056 (1).jpg _DSC5159 (1).jpg _DSC5209 (1).jpg _DSC5213 (1).jpg _DSC5216 (1).jpg
It was a photo finish for the last race with #12 Indy's Illusion and #2 Bo Badger neck to neck during "The Seabiscuit" 
_DSC5249 (1).jpg _DSC5275 (1).jpg _DSC5300 (1).jpg _DSC5326 (1).jpg
The last winner, Taylor Hole, stands on the track for the last time before saying good by to Suffolk Downs.

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October 6, 2014
My good friends got married last month and I had the honor of being in the wedding party myself.  The day started off sunny but quickly turned to rain and lightning.  Before you knew it there was no electricity at the wedding venue.  So what did we do?  We had the wedding on the porch deck and we all sang for Sarah when she walked down the isle.  My buddy Andrew Sussman at TSG events also saved the day by lighting the room with his uprights and powering his speakers with a car inverter.

In the end it was a beautiful wedding and a great time.  Special thanks to Barry Kaplan and Christine Cloutier for assisting me in the shots that I was in and couldn't photograph.

_DSC8609.jpg _DSC8378.jpg _DSC8367.jpg _DSC8454.jpg _MG_6525.jpg _DSC8574.jpg _DSC8571.jpg _MG_6538.jpg _DSC8591.jpg 32330026.jpg _DSC8729.jpg _DSC8713.jpg _DSC8708.jpg _DSC8642.jpg32330021.jpg _DSC8750.jpg _DSC8758.jpg _DSC9005.jpg _DSC9053.jpg _DSC9106.jpg _DSC9083.jpg _DSC9211.jpg _DSC9287.jpg _DSC0484.jpg

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August 27, 2014
A peak at Toni and Andrew's awesome south shore wedding!

Venue: Indian Pond Country Club

ta  231598.jpg ta  231563.jpg ta  231564.jpg ta  231566.jpg ta  231565.jpg ta  231567.jpgta  231569.jpg ta  231570.jpg ta  231571.jpg ta  231572.jpg ta  231573.jpg ta  231574.jpg ta  231575.jpgta  231576.jpg ta  231577.jpg ta  231578.jpg ta  231579.jpg ta  231580.jpg ta  231581.jpg ta  231582.jpg ta  231583.jpg ta  231584.jpg ta  231585.jpg ta  231586.jpg ta  231587.jpg ta  231588.jpg ta  231589.jpgta  231590.jpg ta  231591.jpg ta  231592.jpg ta  231593.jpg ta  231594.jpg ta  231595.jpg ta  231596.jpg ta  231597.jpg ta  231599.jpg ta  231600.jpg ta  231601.jpg ta  231602.jpg ta  231603.jpg ta  231604.jpgta  231606.jpg ta  231607.jpg ta  231608.jpg ta  231609.jpg ta  231610.jpgta  231612.jpg ta  231613.jpg ta  231614.jpg ta  231615.jpg ta  231616.jpg ta  231617.jpg ta  231618.jpgta  231619.jpg ta  231620.jpg ta  231621.jpg ta  231622.jpg ta  231623.jpg ta  231624.jpg ta  231625.jpg ta  231626.jpg ta  231627.jpg ta  231628.jpg ta  231629.jpg ta  231630.jpg ta  231631.jpg ta  231632.jpgta  231633.jpg ta  231634.jpg ta  231635.jpg

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July 28, 2014
An epic wedding at Misselwood in Beverly. 

Seven years ago I shot Yoni's sister's wedding, now I have done his!  I'm getting old!

All film!

dd  225283.jpg dd  225284.jpg dd  225285.jpg dd  225286.jpg dd  225287.jpg dd  225289.jpg dd  225288.jpg dd  225290.jpg dd  225291.jpg dd  225292.jpg dd  225293.jpg dd  225294.jpg dd  225295.jpg dd  225296.jpgdd  225297.jpg dd  225298.jpg dd  225299.jpg dd  225300.jpg dd  225301.jpg dd  225302.jpg dd  225303.jpg dd  225305.jpg dd  225304.jpg dd  225306.jpg dd  225308.jpg dd  225309.jpg dd  225310.jpg dd  225311.jpgdd  225312.jpg dd  225313.jpg dd  225314.jpg dd  225315.jpg dd  225316.jpg dd  225317.jpg dd  225318.jpg dd  225319.jpg dd  225320.jpg dd  225321.jpg dd  225322.jpg dd  225323.jpg dd  225323.jpg dd  225324.jpgdd  225325.jpg dd  225326.jpg dd  225327.jpg dd  225328.jpg dd  225329.jpg dd  225330.jpg dd  225331.jpg dd  225332.jpg dd  225333.jpg dd  225334.jpg dd  225335.jpg dd  225336.jpg dd  225337.jpg dd  225338.jpgdd  225339.jpg dd  225340.jpg dd  225341.jpg dd  225342.jpg dd  225343.jpg dd  225344.jpg dd  225345.jpg dd  225346.jpg dd  225347.jpg dd  225348.jpg dd  225349.jpg dd  225350.jpg dd  225351.jpg dd  225352.jpgdd  225353.jpg dd  225354.jpg dd  225355.jpg dd  225356.jpg dd  225357.jpg dd  225358.jpg dd  225360.jpg dd  225361.jpg dd  225362.jpg dd  225363.jpg dd  225364.jpg dd  225365.jpg dd  225366.jpg dd  225367.jpgdd  225368.jpg dd  225369.jpg dd  225370.jpg dd  225371.jpg dd  225372.jpg dd  225373.jpg dd  225374.jpg dd  225375.jpg dd  225376.jpg dd  225377.jpg dd  225378.jpg dd  225379.jpg dd  225380.jpg

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